[NEWS] Premiumize and Zevera change limits

It’s no secret that Premiumize.me bought up the multihoster Zevera.com, which went offline at the beginning of the year, and revived in May 2018. All the more exciting what will happen with Zevera, because Zevera is not the first multihoster bought by Premiumize.me. Apart from Zevera, none of them exists anymore. In 2015, Premiumize.me bought the community multihoster Free-Way.me and drove the project more or less overnight into the ground. Only the competitor High-Way.me could be happy about this. Also the story around MyFastFile.com ended hardly better. Sooner or later, the users were always transferred to Premiumize.me.

Premiumize.me removes daily limits

Apparently Premiumize.me has now aligned both multihosters; this is especially noticeable in the limits. As we had stated in our Premiumize.me review in July, the filehoster offer was largely useless due to extremely low daily limits. Apparently Premiumize.me finally gave in and completely abolished the daily limits without further ado. On request, an employee confirmed that the daily limits (both traffic and link limits) were permanently abolished. Furthermore, according to the employee, some factors were reduced. However, the whole thing has a catch: All traffic is now already calculated when the download link is generated, even if the file is not downloaded at all. At least, according to Premiumize.me, the traffic is not calculated again within the first 30 minutes, if the same file is requested again. This at least covers aborted or failed downloads.
Whether Premiumize.me is still able to keep the already limited filehoster offer is questionable.

Zevera introduces factors and booster packages

As already mentioned, Zevera also underwent adjustments: The uncomplicated fair-use times are probably over at Zevera, because factors have been introduced, too. As with Premiumize.me, the used traffic is multiplied by the factor, which makes the whole system confusing again. However, at the moment I could not notice any changes. The previously “unlimited” filehosters still have the factor 0 (not calculated) and all others have the factor 1. In the meantime, booster packages are also mentioned, with which you can buy more points. A link to buy is currently in vain. My request to Zevera is still pending.

UPDATE: according to Zevera, it was a mistake. Neither factors nor booster packages are introduced. The displayed changes will be removed.

Alleged mistake annoys Premiumize customers

As part of the restructuring, Premiumize.me also calculated the downloads to the cloud, which were previously free. A user on Reddit quickly discovered that the download from the Usenet (or filehosters) would now be charged double and triple:

Premiumize.me rowed back relatively fast and now offers the downloads for free again. According to Premiumize.me it was a mistake. We can confirm that the points were also credited back retroactively. Whether it was really a bug or a Netflix-style test to see what customers are willing to pay will probably never be known.

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