[NEWS] Premiumize.me tests free mode until 1 December

As Premiumize.me recently announced in a Blogpost, all users can download “popular files” from filehosters, Torrent and Usenet free of charge until December 01, 2018. Furthermore the filehosters Streamango and Openload are available completely unlimited. Obviously only a free Premiumize.me account is needed. All files that another user has already downloaded are available for download. Premiumize.me stores them in a so-called cache, so that these files do not have to be downloaded again from the filehoster, Usenet, etc., but are already on the Premiumize.me servers.

Why do Multihosters create a cache at all?

Saving files on cache servers has recently become more popular, and many services have now implemented it. With filehosters the advantage is obvious: Traffic with filehosters is expensive. With cache servers, the Multihoster can save money on frequently requested files if it simply copies them to a server the first time it downloads them and loads them from there only in the future. In addition a cache helps extremely with filehosts such as Rapidgator, Icerbox or Nitroflare, which are difficult to offer. Altogether thereby the traffic and the number of the needed accounts sinks.

A large advantage for the users is that files are if necessary also still available, if the file was deleted with the filehoster. Even a torrent that is no longer seeded could still be downloaded.

Promotion as a test run or an ill-considered promotion?

Practically, downloads from the cache cost the Multihoster nothing or very little. So it would be a smart move to offer a “free mode” in which only files from the cache are available. Maybe this promotion only serves as a test run?

During our test the promotion failed mercilessly. Downloads from Streamango didn’t work at all. Also, we couldn’t find a single file from Uploaded.net that was available. Also of the torrents tested by us (from a Top 100 list of a known torrent site) only very few worked. Download managers like jDownloader or other apps don’t seem to be supported either. Premiumize.me only writes about it:

You can also use external tools if they integrate us (eg Kodi, jDownloader)

Apparently no one has implemented this new feature. All in all, the whole thing seems a bit hasty. Whether this will happen by the end of the promotion in two weeks is more than questionable.


What is this Santa Claus? It’s mid-November:

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