For Webmasters

We have some offers for webmasters in the subject area of file sharing, especially for multihosts:

For webmasters

For webmasters, we offer the opportunity to advertise on our site. More information can be found here.

For multihoster

Of course, we also offer advertising opportunities for multihosts.

But our main task is in reviews, so feel free to contact us for a review of your multihoster. All we need is an account for testing. Please note, however, that we perform our test completely independently.

If you are interested, we are happy to offer special deals in cooperation with us. This could be, for example, a special link where customers can get a free trial or buy a discounted premium package. Of course we are open for any suggestions, just contact us.

Coming soon – For filehosters

Shortly we will offer a similar comparison portal for filehosters as well. Contact us so we can let you know when the time comes.