Unfortunately, we can not offer our site completely free of charge and must advertise. However, we explicitly decided not to use Google Ads or similar, but only advertising filehosters and multihosters. This advertising is always clearly marked as advertising and limited to banner advertising. Annoying flashing popups, etc. will not exist! Also sponsored posts will not be here. Buying advertising will never affect our reviews, ratings or comments from users.

What do we offer?


We offer some limited banner spaces. Exceptions are e.g. exclusive promotions, which are also clearly presented as such. The banners are randomly changed each time. Advertising may not be displayed on selected pages.

Basically, it is also possible to display static special advertising on individual pages only.


Furthermore, we also offer the option to remove advertising on certain pages (for example, remove advertising on your own review pages).


Excellent! Just write an e-mail to [email protected].