[DEAL] Debrid Italia – August Promo!

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Debrid Italia is currently offering two months free with the purchase of the 270 day (9 months) package as an August offer. The price is 20 euros. Credit cards, PayPal, PaySafeCard and Bitcoin are accepted.

Price Check?

The regular price for the 270-day package is 7.40 euro cents per day. With the additional 60 days, the price is reduced to 6.00 euro cents per day, a saving of about 1.4 euro cents per day, i.e. about 4.62 euros over the entire term.

However, compared to the 365-day package, the difference is only 0.8 euro cents per day, so the savings are about 2.92 euros.


Compared to the 365-day package, the offer is only worthwhile to a limited extent. The savings are a good 10%. Compared to the regular 270-day package, the savings are just under 20%.

You want to buy?

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