[NEWS] Premiumize.me introduces new fair-use system

The confusing fair-use system of Premiumize.me has come to an end. Today the fair-use concept of Premiumize.me has been changed surprisingly. While users got used points back after 30 days, Premiumize.me now relies on a model that some people already know from Uploaded.net. From now on, every user has 1 TB of storage available in the in-house cloud, so that their use is no longer billed via points. In addition, each premium user receives 1000 points, which he can use normally. Every day, 30 points are credited, but you can only collect a maximum of 1000 points. With every purchase of a premium account, the points are automatically increased again to 1000 points.

Who has already taken out the calculator: you can only collect 900 points in 30 days, but of course you get the terabyte storage included.

If that’s not enough for you, you can still buy a booster package, which has also been greatly simplified. Premiumize.me writes that additional downloads (after using the normal points) are deducted from the booster points. This would mean that there are two point balances, one normal and one booster. So the booster packages can now be fully used. The storage space in the cloud can also be increased by booster points: for this, 1/30 (3.33%) points per day and per GB are calculated (i.e. about 1 point per month per GB).

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